Auri-International Education

A completion of the application is only the beginning of studying abroad. The real value of studying in America lies in the soar after graduation. We provide internship and working opportunities for the young, nurturing the future leaders.

The platform we build for students to intern during their study and let them blend what they learn into practice, along with engaging with the American mainstream society to gain a full taste of studying abroad.

With the headquarter in New York and Representative office in Beijing, Auri-International Consulting Inc. offers 24-hour consultation provided by our professional advisors. Relying on the well-established relationships among China U.S Chamber of Commerce , State, City Council, and America’s top universities/colleges, as well as the quality services our company offer, we guarantee a well-planned and organized college life and promising career after graduation.

Auri-International Consulting Inc. specializes in handling applications to America’s education institutes, credit transfer between institutes, winter/summer camps. We remain a good reputation and word-of-mouth since our opening.

Pre-Departure Guidance
-Based on our 10-years experience on education consultation and our knowledge on American education, society, other aspects of life and studying abroad, especially the upcoming problems as students who leave their home country for the first time, we give one-on-one consultation to student on visa interviews and pre-departure guidance, ensuring students are prepared for the new environment.

Living in the U.S.
-Auri-International Consulting Inc. provides services including, but not limited to, assistance in opening U.S. bank account, university/college registration, purchasing medical insurance, buying/renting cars, applying social security number, wireless service, college credits transfer, further study, applying part-time jobs and paid internships. With our headquarter locating in New York City, we can provide pragmatic and reliable help to students in the east.

Study Guide
-Living and studying in a country far from home, where everyone speaks a language you didn’t grow up with, can be a challenge. The English barriers that make students feel stressful. We cooperate with New York State certified language school to provide a one-on-one coach for SAT, TOFEL, GRE and GMAT exams to prepare the student with the opportunity to their dream college.

Students and Family Members
-We also help students’ family members to obtain visiting visa. Students’ immediate family members can visit the U.S. during winter/summer vacation and attend students’ commencement where students will be wearing academic caps and gowns. Our company can also arrange itinerary during your visiting, from the beginning to the end, giving you a worry-free and affordable journey to the States.

Career After Graduation
-Students may have ambitions of working for well-known international corporates after graduation. Relying on our high-end platform with China U.S. Chamber of Commerce and our network built through past years, we assist students in finding ideal jobs and developing their personal values.

Immigrate to the U.S.
-If you plan to stay in the U.S. after graduation, we advise you at the beginning of your college application on choosing majors, which are easier for immigration purpose. Our headquarter also offer assistance in obtaining H1B working visa, EB-5 Business Investor green card and EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Aliens green card for qualified candidates.

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