The 2017 outstanding businesswoman list was officially announced on the Jan 3rd. Forty-six female entrepreneurs, including Vice President of the China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, won Zhejiang outstanding business women awards, people of the Year awards, industry leader awards, cross-national model awards, entrepreneurial pioneer awards. These awards have shown the characteristics of internationalization and has become a force to promote the high-quality development of Zhejiang economy.

According to the latest statistics from the Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau, to the end of November 2017, Zhejiang province had a total of 5.816 million market players of various types, of which 1,705,200 market players were established by women, accounting for 29%, an increase of 221,900 over 2016. The new session of Zhejiang Merchant Women is the best of the 1.7 million women entrepreneurs.

This year’s Zhejiang Outstanding Business Women Awards has gone through a total of three stages from registration to final evaluation.

It is recommended by local associations or enrolled by women entrepreneurs. The organizing committee will select and examine the candidates according to the submissions from all localities.

The candidate’s entrepreneurial deeds and other selected materials were posted on newspapers and websites. At the same time, investigation teams were sent to conduct in-depth interviews with enterprises and write detailed reports.

After a series of screenings and strict assessments, the organizing committee organizes an expert review committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the candidates, and finally decides on the list of in 2017.

It is reported that this Outstanding Business Women on the basis of the previous ten sessions, can better jump out of Zhejiang and go abroad to better use the global resources and markets.

Taking Zhejiang Zhongnan Cartoon Co., Ltd. led by Wu Jia as an example, the team’s original cartoons such as “Heavenly Eyes,” “Magic Stories”, and “Lokbi Leisure” are exported to 92 countries and regions on five continents. For five consecutive years, the export volume of animation has ranked first in the country.

In addition, most of the Zhejiang women’s women’s bid farewell to the low and small initial stages of their business, and they have continued to grow and expand to scale. For example, Ding Julian, the chairman of Taizhou Bada Valve Co., Ltd. led the company, starting from a small family workshop starting at 500 yuan, to a large-scale enterprise with an output value of nearly 200 million yuan this year. Another example is Qian Zhaofang who led Zhejiang Yuyu Industrial Co., Ltd. to expand its exports, and the total sales value exceeded the 600 million yuan mark.

Fang Congyi led Shengda Group to win two well-known Chinese trademarks “Shengda” and “Double Lamp” and Wang Qiong took Changgentang as the first brand of stone treatment for Chinese medicine treatment in China. From unlicensed to OEM, from OEM To create a license, the Zhejiang merchant woman has made great strides on the road to branding and has achieved remarkable results.

In terms of science and technology, the establishment of scientific research departments, the introduction of scientific and technological talents, increased investment in science and technology, and the need to benefit from science and technology have become the consensus of the Zhejiang women merchants. Xie Xili’s Shengli Zhenghong Group has invested in the development of wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, water energy and other new energy projects, with a total installed capacity of 100,000 kilowatts, which is one example.

“As a female entrepreneur and mother of two children at the same time, this is not just a new label and a new identity that the times have given us, but also a new mission and new expectations.” Wu Jia, who was awarded the “People” award, hopes that he can confidently assume the responsibility of this era and inherit the spirit and culture of Zhejiang businessmen.

Fang Jintu, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, said that the Zhejiang Merchant Women’s Jade is an outstanding representative of the majority of Zhejiang businessmen. They are brave enough to demonstrate the spirit of entrepreneurship; they love and respect their jobs, fully embody the spirit of model workers, and strive to perfection, fully embodying the spirit of artisans. He hoped that the Zhejiang merchant female heroes would further advance the new journey of industrial development, green development and poverty alleviation and development.